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A more energetic practice with an emphasis on building core strength and flexibility. An opportunity to work on intermediate/advanced asanas including inversions and arm balances. Ideal for the yogi with a little experience on the mat but also those who wish to explore and embrace the edges of their own potential.


The perfect class for all levels. Our open classes are conditioning and strengthening but also playful and creative with each teacher bringing their own flavour. Expect a combination of pranayama (breath work), meditation, alignment cueing, flow and hatha yoga styles.


Our humble classes are slower in pace and alignment focused, specifically designed for those beginning their yoga journey. Teachers will gently guide students through the incorporation of breath to movement in a safe environment developing correct asana posture, strength and mindfulness.


Sohums vinyasa flow class, uniting breath to movement. These classes aim to build inner connection, balance, strength and mental focus while flowing effortlessly between postures and incorporating the inhale (so) and exhale (hum). 


Our version of the classic yin / gentle yoga. A mostly floor based practice where asanas are held for longer periods of time to target the connective tissues of the body. By holding the postures we increase blood flow to the joints to help rejuvenate and nourish the body. The perfect balance to our yang style classes.

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